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Heating Your Tiny House

Friday, August 26th, 2016

by on March 16, 2014 in Construction Details, Off Grid Ideas/Tips, Tiny House Design Strategies, Videos

As is the case with many aspects of tiny house construction, the smaller the space is, the more challenges that one must solve. Finding a heating unit that would work in hOMe turned out to be a major undertaking eating up at least a dozen hours of research, visiting showrooms, and connecting with other tiny house owners. The biggest challenges we faced were finding a propane heater that didn’t require electricity, that needed very little clearance space so that we could place it in a small corner, and that would put out just the right amount of heat without blasting us out of our house. It needed also to be reasonably priced, not too heavy, and have a programable thermostat. Who knew heating your tiny house could be so hard?

In the end we went with the Hampton H27 and we have been 100% satisfied with it. Even in the -10F spell we had this winter we stayed toasty warm. In this Tiny House Minute we talk about how to calculate your BTU needs to make sure you end up with a system that is large enough, why the marine stoves aren’t cutting it for most tiny house owners, and the benefits of the Hampton.