Chase top replacement

Rusty Chase Top


Look Up!

Now is a good time to look up at the top of your chimney. Do you have a rain/animal cap? We can add a cap to your brick chimney to keep rain and animals out. Keeping the rain from running down the inside of your chimney will extend the life considerably. You should consider installing a stainless steel cap with a lifetime warranty during your annual chimney sweep. This is a great time to have the general condition of your chimney inspected.

Key findings
Heating equipment was the leading cause of reported home fires in the 1980s and has generally ranked second since then. It is the second leading cause of home fire deaths. Fireplaces, chimneys or chimney connectors were involved in more than one-third (37%) of reported home heating fires in 2005-2009. Failure to clean was a factor in more than half (53%) of these incidents.
A sticky combustible substance, creosote, is created when wood does not burn completely. It can build-up inside the chimney and catch fire. Chimneys and vents need to be cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year.

Don’t have a “brick” chimney?  If your chase top looks anything like the one pictured here, it’s time for replacement! Not only is the rust staining your siding, but water may be leaking in through the top! This can lead to mold and mildew inside your home as well as premature damage to your home and fireplace.


Spring is a great time to focus on your fireplace issues. Many service companies and chimney sweeps offer discounts during this time of year.

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