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When you think about the perfect fireplace for your home, what do you see?

Gas Fireplace

Fuel Efficient - Back up heat!

Do you see a traditional fireplace perfectly situated in the main living room, surrounded by authentic stone and finished with a beautiful mantel? Or, do you see a chic, linear fireplace with a ribbon flame dancing through crystals in the Master bedroom? Whatever your dream fireplace looks like, it’s a fact that new technology, materials and ideas mean that you’re limited only by your imagination – here’s a look at some of the latest trends in fireplace design and innovation.

Fireplaces in every room.
Fireplaces are no longer just for living rooms. It’s common for homeowners to have fireplaces in their bedrooms and even to their bathrooms, where smaller models like the Heat & Glo Soho bring a spa-like quality to the room. Kitchens are another place where fireplaces are showing up more often, recalling the kitchen’s traditional place as the hearth and heart of the home. And don’t forget the backyard! New advances in fireplace technology allow you to choose from a range of fireplaces that look just like those found indoors, but are completely safe and weatherproof for outdoor use. Take for example the Heat & Glo Carolina. This beautiful fireplace is the perfect focal point for an outdoor living room.

Modern Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace









Fireplaces as a focal point.
Today’s modern style fireplaces with stylized flames surrounded by colored glass and shiny metal are worlds away from the traditional brick fireplaces of the past. Modern fireplace designs like the Heat & Glo Solaris are pushing boundaries with radical ideas that incorporate both function and beauty. Contemporary-style fireplaces rebel by being installed higher up on the wall, making them a glowing, glimmering work of art that “comes to life” with the flip of a switch.

Regency Modern

A work of art!








This is just a start to what is available. The hearth industry has created a mix of warmth, fire, art and fuel efficiency that many never dreamed of years ago.

It’s not just an old wood fireplace any more. . . . .


much of this content borrowed from HEAT-N-GLOW!

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